Nijvaikunthdham Introduction

In 1968, our Honorable Baba Sukhramdas Masand Saheb Ji took the initiative to bring together people from all walks of life by establishing this sanctimonious abode ‘Nij-Vaikunthdham’ in Ahmedabad; now regarded a venerated precincts of the Sukh-Parivaar.

Embedded in rich beatified history, Baba Sukhramdas Masand Saheb ji’s ancestors were forever in the seva of “NAAM” and the service of “GURUMAT” followed by his lineage. Babaji’s forefather, Bhai Maniram Masand Ji, was one of the devotees of Sikh Gurus. His immense faith in ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji’ was deeply inspired by the teachings, hence always followed his path with great devotion.

When 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, was fighting with the Mughal Empire, Bhai Maniram Ji and his family members dedicated all their life’s earnings and all possessions to the cause. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was profoundly moved by this devotion and thus bestowed the title “Savai” for this extraordinary voluntary enterprise and submission Bhai Maniram Ji had exhibited.

Originated from Pakistan, Bhai Mani Ram ji, the first in the family who accepted responsibility to spread the divine teachings of Holy ‘Guru Granth Saheb Ji’ and thus became the duty and tradition of this family to serve The Holy Granth for generations to come. After Bhai Mani Ram Ji, his descendants Saheb Chand Savai, Bhai Himmat Singh Saheb Ji, Bhai Jesmal Saheb Ji, Bhai Shyamlal Saheb Ji, Bhai Pokardas Saheb Ji, Bhai Udhavdas Saheb Ji and Bhai Sukhramdas Saheb Ji were the next ones to submit themselves to the Seva of “NAAM”. Bhai Sukhramdas Saheb Ji was the 8th Guru of this revered Guru Gaadi.

Upon seeing Bhai Maniram Ji and his wife’s yearning for a child, Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed one of his ‘Panj Pyaraas’, Bhai Saheb Singh Ji, to take rebirth in Bhai Maniram Ji’s house. Guru Gobind Singh Ji displayed his blessings to Bhai Maniram Ji and his wife by giving them Prasad and entrusted them with his sacred Charan Paduka, Dushala (footwear and Shawl).

In accordance with Guru’s blessings, Bhai Saheb Singh Ji, one of the ‘Panj Pyaraas’, reincarnated as a son to Bhai Maniram Ji. He was duly named “Saheb Chand Savai”. From that time, the entire lineage of Bhai Maniram Ji has followed the sacred path of Gurumat and lived a devoted life.

Baba Sukhramdas Saheb ji migrated to India after partition residing in Lucknow for some time and later chose Kubernagar, Ahmedabad to spread the divine words and teachings of Guru Granth Saheb Ji since Gujarat had a large number of devotees and disciples. Baba Sukhramdas Saheb Ji travelled width and length of India when people of the country were still nursing the brunt of the partition. He came forward as an angel delivering the omnipresent message of humanity, peace and brotherhood.

Baba Sukhramdas Saheb Ji departed for heavenly abode in 1970 passing on this legacy, of over 350 years, to his grandson Sai Sanjay Kumar Masand Saheb Ji when he was just 7 yrs. In 1979, at the age of 16 yrs, Sai Sanjay Kumar Ji was officially announced the next Gaadi Nasheen Guru.