I, Priyanka Lalwani, W/o Dr. Vinod Lalwani, Raipur, Chhattisgarh visited and met Sai ji in Dec 2005 on Baba Sukhram Das Birthday festival at Kuber Nagar Ahmedabad. I remember clearly and this often keeps coming in my conscious memory that there is Nagada which the Sevadhari used to drum with daily Evening Aarti. The same vibrating sounds of drum had made my eyes tearful and heart felt the same vibration and weeping, where I felt strong vipes of faith. It was REALIZING AND FEELING THE TRUE MEETING WITH GOD, experience fortunate and blessed and totally surrendered to him. Now, Baba Sukhram Das is spontaneous in my life. Since then, I am in right place and I am blessed in all walks of life.!

Priyanka Lalwani Raipur, Chhattisgarh

In May 2012, I and my wife were privileged to attend the inauguration function of Sukhram Das Yatri Bhawan by Sai Sanjay Kumar Masand Sahib ji, 'the Gaddinashin Guru'. It was a unique experience; an assembly of more than one thousand devotees crowned Sai Sanjay Kumar Masand amid chanting of exhilarating hymns and offerings. Men, women and children - and above all, the youth - paid obescience to 'Guru'; a synthesis of the Ancient Hindu philosophy and modern civilisation, carrying a message of humanity, peace and brotherhood! Inside, we were impressed by the serenity which prevailed; hearts filled with devotion as Holy Guru Granth Sahib perched on a pedestal served by Sevadars, showered blessings on one and all.
It was a pleasant surprise to see young-generation devotees set up an educative exhibition of Sikh legacy down to the current Guru; everywhere volunteers keenly and lovingly served the participants as if they were all one family - a rare feat in these days of individualism and self-ego. The event has made an everlasting impact on us.

Justice Kamleshwar Nath Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh