About Us

'Gaadi-Nasheen Guru' Sai Sanjay Kumar Masand Saheb Ji, 9th generation descendent of this great heritage, holds young and contemporary views about faith and life. This outlook reflects his dynamic aura conjured up with spirituality and devotion. His teachings emphasize on an individual’s deeds in addition to religious beliefs. For the same reason, this firm believer of Karma Yoga, also worked for many multinational companies, to earn his livelihood for his family, like any other person.

Nij-Vaikunthdham, located in Kubernagar organizes various welfare activities and events around the year, under the able guidance and directions of Sai Sanjay Kumar Ji and competent supervision of the Shevadhari committee.

Thousands of people from all walks of life reap the benefits from these activities. Programs such as Free Eye checkup & operation camps, Health check-up camps, Polio vaccines camps, Acupressure camps, Yoga camps, Distribution of medicines, Distribution of school books, copies and uniforms for children, Distribution of consumables in various Old Age homes across Gujarat etc. are regular features in its list of annual activities. The trust hosts free Ayurveda checkup & treatment camps on every Thursday and organizes “Sujok” treatment therapy conducted by experts on Fridays. Everyone gathers on Sundays for the Langar Prasad seva that takes place after the Darbaar Saheb’s Nitnem. At Sukh Anand langar hall, people from all castes and creed sit together and relish the Guru Prasaad.

The events calendar also include the pursuit of language preservation and promotion along with numerous Green initiatives towards environmental, sanitation and pollution control by conducting tree plantations. Furthermore, the trust is currently invested in endeavors with active participation from children and young adults. In addition, Sai Sanjay Kumar Ji will soon launch several programs in support of senior citizens and children in need.

Mahila Seva Mandal, a separate wing dedicated to women has been doing exemplary work since its inception. Monthly workshops with experts from different fields are invited to conduct lectures on different subjects pertaining to women health, craft, cooking, personality development, legal advises and many more. This acts as a platform for women to congregate and showcase their individual talents.

Every year, on December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th we celebrate Baba Sukhram Das Masand Ji’s birthday with great zeal and splendor. We witness thousands of people who travel to our Ahmedabad Darbaar Saheb for celebrations and submit themselves for seva. During these 3 days, Kubernagar area in Ahmedabad is bustling with an ongoing fair. Bhajans, Kirtans, and Satsangs are an integral part of this festivity. Many renowned personalities, from both religious and spiritual streams, are invited to impart their views and blessings to the gathering.

The Darbaar Saheb assists attendees with lodging services and Langar Saheb where we offer Guru Prasad. Under the same roof, a string of festivals like Gurpurabs, Guru Purnima, Janmashtmi, Navratri, New Year, Holi, Diwali, Shivratri, Teej and Chetichand are also celebrated with the same enthusiasm and grandeur.

Sai Sanjay Kumar Ji has traveled to several states including Gujarat, Saurashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and also visited countries such as UK and UAE, harboring the age old legacy of the “Guru Gaadi”. He has been instrumental in developing over 20 temples across the country for unity and tranquility. In an effort to assist the aggrieved, he founded a Dharamshala in Hardwar to enable a comfortable staying and relaxation experience for visitors in this holy city.

As a beacon of light, Sai Sanjay Kumar Ji, constantly motivates and inspires many to live with gratitude & compassion; his benevolent nature has set a precedent for others to help and lend support to the people who are yet to be blessed.